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EVA System – online management system of delivery

The Balcan Express Curier Company owns its own professional system databases, fully secure, named EVA System. We offer a variety of online tools that give you full control over your shipments, from your office by PC, laptop or mobile phone, from online ordering and continuing with monitoring of each shipment, from pickup to delivery in real time. Online solutions we offer for free are:


The EVA has implemented a module called Application Programming Interface (API) that allows integration with your company. EVA module API it’s a XML web service that can be used with most popular programming languages like Visual Basic, C #, Java and C + +. This way you can connect your business procedures to Balcan Courier services and EVA-API will become an integral part of your business, such as:

  • website or your ERP system will take control;
  • support business development in a dynamic and interactive way;
  • integration into your system management, distribution and acquisitions;
  • custom rates available in real time;
  • real time status of your shipment;
  • automatic completion of transport documents and management of you returns;
  • value added in telesales and internet sales activities, finance and administration and customer service;
  • will help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase visibility and control of your business;


We provide to our customers an online cabinet. In this cabinet you can:

  • create your own customer database;
  • allow access to individual users from different departments
  • choose from individual access levels that allow you to differentiate between users with permanent access and those with a lower frequency;
  • send fast online orders by EVA system;
  • order more pick-ups in a single day;
  • automatically print the transport document (AWB);
  • view all shipments;
  • create mailing campaigns or when needed send the same envelope or the same merchandise to different destinations, just enter the data once and connect them to multiple destinations;
  • View various statistics of your shipments: per month, per customer, per destination;
  • View the distribution tariffs depending on destination and weight, during processing orders;
  • online download of our invoices;
  • you can also access the history of your shipments;
  • download the original transport document (AWB) with signature, stamp as proof of delivery.


EVA system will automatically send an e-mail with the status of each shipment sent by you, from pick up to delivery (time, date and person who signed the receipt). You can also send an email with the AWB number of your shipment and EVA-EMAIL TRACKING will automatically send an email with your shipment status.


Using AWB identification number of transport-WEB TRACKING EVA will allow both you and your customers to track shipments step by step, from pickup to delivery through our company website.

Our role is to provide you with the safest and most affordable courier services!

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