Terms and Conditions

of SC BALCAN EXPRESS CURIER SRL - acceptance, transport and delivery

By the sender's signature on the AWB is considered fully agree with Terms and Conditions and agrees with them. Courier contract activity begins when the sender signed the AWB.

Balcan Express Curier only accepts shipments properly packaged and labeled by the sender with a maximum weight of 30kg and the following dimensions: length 60 cm / width 50 cm / height 30 cm. The weight taken into consideration will be the higher between the real and volumetric weight calculated as: length x width x height / 6000. The price for volume shipments but little weight will be calculated on the volumetric weight ratio of "1 cubic meter = 166kg".   Pick ups are performed by postal employees or subcontractors at their workstations or to the address indicated by the sender.In case of improperly packaged shipments by sender, Balcan Express Curier is not liable for any possible damage to the expedition during transport.

The sender is required to provide full courier delivery address (city, street, building, building, floor, phone), and by signing the transport document it certify the correctness of data. If the sender provides the address incorrect/incomplete or without a phone number, it is responsible for non-delivery/delayed expedition.

Delivery of shipment will be to the address indicated by the sender, personally or to a person authorized to receive postal deliveries. We don not delivery shipments to postal address.

Balcan Express Curier has the right to refuse delivery of shipment in the following cases:

  • The sender / recipient did not pay full price or the company has debts to Balcan Express Curier. In this case it can reach up to liens where debts to Balcan Express Curier are significant.
  • The packaging shows inscriptions contrary to public order or morality or if given to courier unpacked;
  • If, after taking the shipment, it caused or may cause imminent harm to persons, environment , equipment used or other mails.

Balcan Express Curier, as a courier does not open the shipments on the way to destination and is not using methods that would enable anyone to take notice of the postal content.

For service „Repayment ", Balcan Express Curier or his subcontractuors will cash in the value declared by the sender and the send it to sender.

For service "Proof of Delivery" the POD shall be sent to the sender only if requested by sender at the basic rate.

Balcan Express Curier will return the shipment with a tariff equal to the shipment sent, if shipment could not be delivered to the recipient for the following reasons:

  • Recipient address does not exist or there is no building address where the shipment can be deliver , the receiver / person authorized to receive the shipment is not found at the address indicated, the legal terms for deposit of a non delivered shipment has expire or person authorized to take receipt of the shipment refuse.

In the above assumptions Balcan Express Curier will notify the recipient about the existence of a shipment, at which point it can be picked up the shipment and will keep the shipment for 15 days in the warehouse.

Shipments that have not been delivered to the addressee and nor returned to sender, will be kept for 15 days in Balcan Express Curier warehouse. If at this time the shipper or consignee do not claim the shipment then it will pass without any notice or any prior formality to Balcan Express Curier and will be destroyed.

All shipments are weighed by an operator of the deposit, and in case it finds a difference between declared and actual weight, it will be mentioned in the AWB and the sender will be informed by any method and the customer will be charged for the real weight of the shipment.

Balcan Express Curier guarantee every delivery in good condition and in full confidentiality , anywhere in Romania for 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours unless unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. For international shipments see www.balcancurier.ro. Delivery time varies depending on the type of service, distance and weight. Delivery time does not include weekend days and holidays. Balcan Express Curier is a provider of "Express” on demand and guarantees the delivery of shipments within a certain period (working days).

Complaints relating to packaging, number of packages or their weight can only be made on delivery not after.

Sender or recipient dissatisfied with the services may submit a written complaint by mail or fax to Balcan Express Curier within 30 days for services included in the universal services and 90 days for services not included in the universal services . Complaints solving term is 15 days from the date of the complaint. Complaints about the sending or delivery time will be answered on the day of registration of complaint. If the complaint proves founded, applicant will be compensated within 72 hours.

Any complaints will be recorded in „Complaints Electronic Registry” and the applicant will be reimbursed according to the selected service type, declared value or not declared, within 30 days. If the complaint is founded, cash compensation is awarded or any other compensation if the applicant is a person and by money order or other compensation if the applicant is a legal entity.

Balcan Express Curier collects and delivers shipments by their own , collaborating with other providers of postal services and it’s resposible to customers as follows:

  • In case of disappearance , theft, destruction or partial destruction, shipments subject to a service “undeclared value”, Balcan Express Curier will pay a maximum compensation of  70 lei for delivery , regardless of weight. In case of disappearance, theft or total destruction of shipments subject to “insured service/declared value”,  Balcan Express Curier will pay compensation equal to the full value declared, if the customer payed an additional fee of 1% of the declared value. 
  • In these cases Balcan Express Curier is relieved of liability: 
  • The damage was caused by the deed consignor, damage was caused by the deed to a third person for wich Balcan Express Curier is not responsible; if the shipment was received without objection by the recipient; damage was caused as a result of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, in which case the sender has the right to refund fees paid except insurance fee.

Upon delivery, the recipient must immediately verify the content of this shipment and if finds damage or loss content then a protocol will be made in 2 copies signed by both parties (courier and receiver). Claims must be sent to the Balcan Express Curier within 5 business days from delivery date. The claim should be solved within 15 days.

Balcan Express Curier is not responsible for delays due to: delays at customs points, natural disasters or other reasons beyond its control like: strikes, riots, wars, etc. In these cases laying a carrier will endeavor to minimize the damage and coordinate joint actions in order to overcome the above circumstances.

Our role is to provide you with the safest and most affordable courier services!

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