About Us

BALCAN EXPRESS CURIER it’s a continuity of multinational company TRANSBALCAN GRUP-SPEEDY (Bulgaria), a major europen courier player and cargo transport leader in the Balkans.
The company emerged from the desire to create a unique courier service in Romania on Romania-Bulgaria-Greece-Macedonia and vice versa relation, with the shortest transit time GARANTAT namely 24 hours, service that not one can provide in Romania but US!


• We developed an own network together with experienced people.
• 10 years experience, serving over 5,300 clients and more than 3,000 collaborations with non-customers annually.

What we offer:

•  Cargo and door to door deliveries at competitive prices.
•  We use an operational program capable of generating optimal solutions in order to serve our customers in the shortest time possible, including all kinds of existing courier services.


1.    Permanently increase of customer satisfaction and streamline services.
2.    Flexibility toward customers.
3.    Face the challenges and continuously improve everything we do.
4.    We do cherish our employees.
5.    To act as a team.
6.    To be always correct.
7.    To measure success through sustained profit.


Our role is to provide you with the safest and most affordable courier services!

021 444-0146